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Suggestion about new education policy

I welcome the new educational policy. In my opinion, there are positives and negatives. First, I share positives that are, it reduces rote learning and improves the practical learning process. Vocational courses and coding introduce as well.student's option to select
their own interest in subjects.
It increases the gross enrollment ratio in higher education from 25% to 50 %. They are going to follow comprehensive reports, it helps to choose a career. Negative points are, give proper training to the teachers, then it will be effective and get success. Good teachers can make the students good like a wise good knowledge of teachers can make good knowledge of students. In the elementary level , not necessary for the board exams, it gives a burden for students and parents.3 languages are necessary, it may be optional. At the primary level , learn through the mother tongue can make students think creatively and concern in education. vocational courses and coding introducees that is amazing but make an arrangement a proper infrastructure and platform.



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