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Teaching experience

I was in charge of the puppetry team in my school and used puppetry to teach speaking in my classes. I taught students how to pronounce all the words in the script, with the correct intonation, and puppetry techniques. I asked them to listen to the audio clip and repeat their lines and had them record it. I told them what changes they needed to make after listening to it. I discovered that students could learn much better while they were having fun talking through a puppet. This method helped my students begin to develop risk-taking skills, which in turn helped them break out of their fear of speaking English. They become less inhibited when they are hidden behind the puppet theater. Listening to and repeating the audio clip of their lines built students’ flow, making them speak whole sentences instead of just words, helping students to speak naturally. This way was easier for them to mimic the pronunciation, the flow, the tones, the volumes, the expressions, and the speed of spoken English.



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