Write & Correct

Língua Inglesa

1. Choose the best word to connect the sentences.
a) Many people are very pessimistic about the future of the world. (Instead of /
However / So) I believe we can improve living conditions on our planet.
b) I think we can’t stop warming global alone, (so / because / then) we need work
c) There is a concrete evidence that eco-cars are a good solution (but / also /
because) they can help us to improve air quality.
d) I can’t understand why some countries are allowing invasion of environmental
areas (instead of / then / but) protecting them.
e) In my opinion, everyone should separate the garbage at home, (so / even if /
and) there is no efficient selective waste program.
2.Choose the option which has the same meaning as the words in bold.
Question a
We have so many problems in the world, but one of the most serious is the global
a) then
b) so
c) because
d) however
Question b
Our city is very dirty because a lot of people throw garbage on the street.
a) but
b) as a result of
c) instead of
d) and



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