Pokemon TV: A place to watch Pokemon for free in 12 different languages!

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Learning Danish, English, Russian

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my favourite thing in the whole world: a place where you can learn English through watching Pokemon! Literally all episodes of Pokemon ever made are available for free on here, and you can watch them in 12 different languages (so far): English (UK and US), Spanish (European and Latin American), French, German, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese. 

For a Pokemon fan like myself it's incredibly cool to be able to improve my Danish through watching one of my favourite shows ever. And since I've caught most of my early English knowledge from cartoons I used to watch as a kid, I'm really happy I can do that with Danish as well.

Also, I thought this could be really useful for anyone teaching children a foreign language, since I doubt any kid would object to being ordered to watch Pokemon as homework :D

Anyway, here's the link, and if anyone wants to talk about Pokemon on here, I'm open to that :D


(the language options are at the bottom of the page, you have to scroll all the way down)