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San Jose Del Monte, Philippines Local Time: 7:41 AM

Hi. My name is Teacher Clay. I focus on spoken English. I can teach IELTS test prep, conversational English, and pronunciation and accent reduction. Conversational and accent reduction classes are by far my favorite, but I teach anything but writing (I'm a notoriously poor writer!). I have a TEFL cert, several years experience, and additional documents. 

A sample sentence in a language I teach:

The man in the red car goes to the store everyday, but returns home early on thursdays.

The kind of students I'm looking for:

Serious students.

How my background prepares me to teach:

Former Forenisc worker, experience with medical terminology. Experience in classroom and online! Fluent IPA!

Teaching methods or materials that I typically use during my lessons:

I use many cam, TPR, and gentle correction. As well as keep shareable documents of what we learn (for regular students)

Is there anything you should have or should do in advance:

Message with a request in advanced if he/she would like me to do a lesson plan.

Personal Learning Summary

Hi, my name is teacher Clay. I am an avid linguaphile. I'm B1~B2 in Tagalog/Filipino and am A level in a few other languages. Right now I live and teach in the Philippines but I am from America. I study Filipino (polishing my affixes) and Malaysian/Indonesian in my spare time. I work as a full time ESL educator. 

Teacher Availability
Available Classes
Conversational Class English
Conversation, can be guided or free talk. Corrections listed at the end of the lesson and in special shared document.
EFK - English for Kids English
👋 Hi! High 💪Energy TPR 👆 EFK 👐 No English? No problem. Using total physical response techniques to elicit learning I will teach you or your children English. Building confidence and incorporating educational activities! Package Available
IELTS - Speaking English
Will do rigorous IELTS training. Consisting of practice tests, feedback, and various exercises based on your weakness and strengths. Package Available
Pronunciation and Accent Reduction English
Pronunciation and Accent reduction. I will teach you the mechanics behind speech. The differences between how we articulate sounds. If you've ever wanted to learn how to sound less foreign, this class is for you. You will learn what a phoneme is, what an allophone is, and how to approximate a neutral American accent (lower Midwest).
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Hourly rate starting from

$18.00 USD

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30 minute trial for

$5.00 USD

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